University Placement Statistics of Greenwood High students in 2017

Greenwood High is pleased to announce the outstanding university placements which have been obtained so far by our graduating class of 2017. Students have had on average an acceptance rate of 75% with 25% achieving a 100% success rate. 60% of students got into a place at a university of their first choice and 77% of students have been offered a university of their second or third choice. 33% of the class received scholarships to a total of 4,437,130 USD over four years.

We received 323 acceptances at 142 universities in nine countries from USA, UK, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Hungary, the Thailand Czech Republic to India.

58 acceptances happened to universities in US News Top 30 Best Global Universities, 45 acceptances occurred the top 50 universities in the Times World University Rankings, 28 acceptances have happened to the top 30 universities in listed in QS World’s top 30 universities.

Some of the top universities the students have gained admission are as follows : Princeton University, Yale-NUS, Cal Tech, Georgia Tech, Carnegie Melon, University of California Berkeley, University of California Los Angeles, University of California San Diego, Vanderbilt University, Vassar College, NYU, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, UT Austin, London School of Economics, Imperial College London, University College London, Kings College London.

The universities names and the statistics above tells all about the high success rate of the Greenwood High students in getting the university placements. Greenwood High, the best school in Bangalore, wishes all its students a highly successful career.


Significance of co-education in international schools

How co-education in international schools can help boys and girls to have a better school life? Read from the article by Greenwood High.

Several benefits of co-education in international schools

Co-education, in layman’s terms, is a system of educating boys and girls together. Co-education has always been a tentative topic of debate for the older generations. In ancient times, co-education was prevalent in Greece only.

Times have changed and the international schools in Bangalore and other cities have been adapting this system for decades. It is economical and also generates a spirit of comradeship between boys and girls.

But what role does a co-education play in the lives of the students? Do co-ed schools in Bangalore, and many other cities, really make a difference, and how does it help in the kids’ upbringing? The questions can get entangled and when it comes to your kid’s growth, the stakes are that much higher.

Reflect diversity

Co-educational schools make pupils understand gender related diversity of the society and they mentally prepare students to respect opposite sex in education and in future work-life. This is an essential factor in career aspect.


In a co-educational learning environment, students are exposed to both male and female role models in staff and senior students. Also, most students in co-educational schools find it easy to find a group that they fit in with.

Expressing confidence

Research shows students in co-educational schools grow to be confident expressing their views in the presence of students of the opposite sex because collaboration between students of all genders helps develop confidence in students and they excel at university and beyond as leaders.


Students at the international co-educational schools feel comfortable about their genders and have a healthy, positive attitude and self-image because they are more likely to feel safe in their school environment.

Increased intellect

Working together in the classroom and on homework assignments provides boys and girls the opportunity to learn from each other intellectually, as well as on social front. However, some gender inequality in the learning process do exist, but teachers are skilled in catering for diverse learning needs in the classroom.

Wider community of relationships

For both boys and girls, co-education provides a better way of training young students to take their places naturally in the wider community of men and women.

Meaningful relationships

Co-education helps to eliminate the misconceptions about opposite sex and provides an excellent platform for the development of realistic, meaningful and lasting relationships in later life.

Diversity will play a huge role in the child’s future, an edge he/she will carry along the path of his/her fruitful career. Educational institutions like international schools in Bangalore, best IGSCE schools in Bangalore, and other co-ed schools in Bangalore have taken initiatives to overcome the culture barriers and teach the students about diversity and acceptance at their earlier stages of lives.